Ecclesiastes Bible Study from Sept. 16, 2021

Link to Ecclesiastes Bible Study on September 16, 2021:

Daily audio bible, audio bible for kids, short daily readings from Psalms & Proverbs

For a daily walk with God in Holy Scriptures, a commentary, and place to hear and make prayer requests, visit Daily Audio Bible Here you wiil find the opportunity to go through the entire bible in one year, or you can simply listen to a daily Proverb or Psalm. If you have children or grandchildren there is even a daily meditation for them!

Relaxing 3 minute retreat with bible reading and reflection

Click here to go on a short 3 minute retreat with peaceful music in the background. Once you arrive at the site, use the arrow key on the right side to forward to the next frame with bible verse and reflection questions. Make sure your sound is turned on.

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